Photo Submission

Hamilton County boasts many beautiful, picturesque and diverse locations in addition to numerous exciting events and gatherings. We have selected photos of some of those locations to display on the homepage of the Hamilton County website.

If you would like to showcase your photos on the Hamilton County website, here's your chance. We will be selecting the best images we receive to be displayed on the Hamilton County website homepage and within photo galleries of submissions to allow everyone to appreciate our county's beauty.

  • Image in either .jpg or .png format
  • Horizontal (landscape) orientation
  • At least 1600 pixels wide
  • File size < 10 MB
Photo Release

By submitting a photo, you are agreeing to allow Hamilton County to use the image on the Hamilton County homepage and submission photo galleries at no charge to the County, and acknowledging that you have copyright ownership of the image and anyone in the images have given proper release, which may be requested.

Hamilton County reserves the right to alter or crop your pictures as needed. Please provide your name and location of the image so that we can credit you and the location.

Please submit your pictures by clicking here.