Buildings + Inspections

The Division of Buildings + Inspections of the Hamilton County Planning + Development Department is responsible for issuing Building Permits within the unincorporated townships of Hamilton County and six contract jurisdictions. For the building permit process, the department coordinates the approvals required for the issuance of the building permit and the inspections that are required by the various agencies before the Certificate of Occupancy or a Certificate of Completion can be issued. All required permit approvals and inspections are tracked on the department's EZ-Trak system. Electrical Permits are issued and electrical inspections are performed by the Inspection Bureau, Inc. Zoning Certificates from the local zoning authority are required before an application for a building permit may be made. Since the department responsibilities cover numerous jurisdictions and include numerous water and sewer districts, anyone applying for a building permit should contact the department for help at the beginning of the process.

Building Inspections has responsibility for condemnation of structures, but the department does not have an existing building code enforcement program.

Other responsibilities of the department include preparing a new Hamilton County Building Code for adoption by the Board of County Commissioners. This code includes the procedural and legal requirements along with the site requirements for buildings and designates the associated agencies involved in the building permit process.

Mission Statement: To ensure fair, safe and equitable code enforcement for the structures in the unincorporated areas and contract jurisdictions within Hamilton County while providing quality customer service.