Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is a department of the Hamilton County Board of County Commissioners. Our staff is dedicated to providing the most current and up-to-date Human Resources information available. Whether you are a current employee or someone considering Hamilton County as your next employer, we urge you to take a good look at the many services we offer such as employment, employee benefits, and human resources development.

Hamilton County is a diverse organization that employs approximately 4,500 people in 30 different departments. We take pride in our service to our citizens and our employees.

The Hamilton County Human Resources Department, a division under the Board of County Commissioners, provides a wide variety of services to all county departments. The County workforce totals approximately 4,500 employees who work in 30 different departments. Human Resources is directly responsible for the state civil service reporting requirements for 25 of those departments. Human Resources also administers the group insurance benefits for all county employees. For the departments under the Board of County Commissioners, Human Resources is responsible for employee relations, including negotiating and administering 12 collective bargaining agreements, and employee training and development.

Core Values

Hamilton County BoCC Kudos Banner - Care + Commit + Enhance Logo with six multicolored teardrop shapes with white circle center filled with icons for residents, children and families, business and organizations, employees, visitors, and environment

Care: We care about our community.

We care for the people, organizations, environment, and animals within our community, including the safety, security, and stability of our community. We collaborate with those in our community. We celebrate being inclusive and demonstrate a sense of belonging. We are positive and helpful in our interactions. We are respectful. We demonstrate kindness in our interactions with our community.

  • Caring
  • Collaborative
  • Inclusive
  • Positive and Helpful
  • Respectful
  • Kind

Commit: We are committed to serving and providing for our community with integrity.

We demonstrate accountability and fiscal responsibility to our community. We are customer / client focused. We embrace the diversity of our community. We are ethical. We are leaders in our community. We are transparent in the delivery of services to our community.

  • Accountable/Fiscally Responsible
  • Customer / Client Focused
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Ethical
  • Leadership
  • Transparent

Enhance: We seek opportunities to enhance how we serve our community.

We adapt to the needs of our community. We are creative in the execution of our work. We embrace technology. We are proactive and show initiative. We are continuously learning and working towards professional development. We are strategic and seek solutions.

  • Adaptable
  • Creative
  • Embrace Technology
  • Proactive
  • Learning & Development
  • Strategic / Solution Seeker