Economic Inclusion and Equity

Hamilton County employees celebrate Economic Inclusion and Equity

The Hamilton County Board of Commissioners established the Economic Inclusion and Equity Department to promote inclusion in County procurement and County employment practices for all people of Hamilton County regardless of race, gender, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Hamilton County encourages inclusive efforts that provide the opportunity for all Hamilton County residents to take part in the growth of the economy and become part of a qualified, local workforce and business community.

The office of Economic Inclusion works to ensure that Hamilton County lawfully leverages the millions of dollars spent by departments in a manner that provides greater contracting opportunities for small businesses and jobs for individuals to reduce poverty, unemployment, under-employment and joblessness.

Supporting Hamilton County's Purchasing and Procurement Policy and Human Resources Policy, Economic Inclusion helps departments make improvements where needed and assist them in adequately documenting all efforts to be an Equal Business Opportunity Governmental Entity and an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.