River City Correctional Center

River City Correctional Center - Logo (with picture of a steamboat)The Hamilton County River City Correctional Center (RCCC) is located at 3220 Colerain Avenue, the former site of the Community Correctional Institution or "Workhouse" in Camp Washington. RCCC is one of eighteen Community Based Correctional Facilities (CBCF's) presently operating in the State of Ohio. The CBCF is a local alternative to prison with the primary purpose of rehabilitation for non-violent, felony offenders. The River City Correctional Center can accommodate 220 residents, consisting of 165 male and 55 females. The average length of stay is five months, depending upon the treatment needs of the individual. The maximum length of stay is six months.

The Hamilton County River City Correctional Center is governed by a Facility Governing Board (FGB). Two thirds of the board is appointed by the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas and one-third is appointed by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners. The FGB makes certain the facility meets the highest possible standards in safety, security and effectiveness.

RCCC is staffed by over 100 full and part time employees who provide coverage 24-hours a day, seven days a week to provide security and treatment to residents. Residents may receive a variety of services during their stay at River City, including chemical dependency treatment, remedial education and employment assistance. The goal of treatment is to assist residents in recognizing and overcoming their substance abuse dependency, criminal thinking and life skill deficiencies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the River City Correctional Center is to reduce recidivism among the residents and communities we serve. By fostering changes in thinking and teaching both responsible decision-making and life skills, we enable the residents to be contributing participants in society.

Vision Statement

River City Correctional Center will reduce crime through effective interventions and best practices in correctional treatment.